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Product Liability Insurance Policy covers manufacturing defects – liability arising from usage of any defective product manufactured in your facility will be covered under this policy.

Other important Insurance solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Property All Risks

Property all risk insurance is a dedicated insurance policy focused on providing coverage to any given property against accidental damages, along with burglary, fire and other unexpected events and mishaps. The insurance policy further covers stocks, finished products, raw materials held in storage, furniture and fittings, office equipment, plants and buildings etc. With a property all risk insurance policy acquired through ACA, you can enjoy complete peace of mind!

Business Interruption

Any person (say a Contractor/Sub-contractors) who own/or has hired the Construction Plant Machinery and Equipment’s are being exposed to the risk of its loss or damage whilst it is being used in a work-site. Our experts will help you tailor a Machinery All Risk Policy that offers a very comprehensive cover for Construction Plant and Machinery.

Liability Insurance

Liability_Insurance Somewhere along the human life time, on many an occasion, each of us tends to be a little careless and negligent due to reasons best left alone and unexplainable!

As responsible citizens and residents of UAE, we are all liable for the damages caused by our careless, negligent acts.

Employer’s liability

As an employer you have liability towards your employees on two fronts:

Under Common Law/Sharia Law – If an employee suffers injury where he can reasonably attribute such injury to employer’s negligence or fault, he may proceed for compensation under the Sharia Law/Common Law to obtain higher compensation. We can protect this exposure by providing ‘Employer’s Liability Extension’.

The following extensions are also available for purchase:

Transportation Cover – This covers accidents happening during transportation to or from place of work. We generally provide this extension at no extra cost.

24 Hours Cover – The basic cover provides coverage only whilst the employee is ‘on duty’. ‘Off Duty’ cover can also be purchased at an additional premium. The coverage provided under this extension is in respect of Death/Permanent Disability.

Medical Expenses – Medical Expenses relating to work relating injury covered under the policy is covered under this extension.

Repatriation Expenses – In the event of Death or Permanent Total Disability of the employee, this extension reimburses the cost of transporting the body/employee back to his home country. One of the employees of the Insured, who is a Civil Contractor, injures himself due to falling of a heavy object. The injured employee was taken to hospital and was advised rest for 1 month.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity-Guarantee Any corporate commercial establishment proceeds with many a business activity by placing immense trust on employees and the responsibilities handed over to them. Most employees are worthy of this trust and work with loyalty but there are a few who due to greed, sinful thinking and pressures of the external environment, wander away and betray this trust. Loss of large amounts of money or goods due to infidelity of an employee or employees can be detrimental to an organization’s existence and can be avoided by having in place a proper Fidelity Guarantee Insurance policy. As responsible Insurance facilitators, we recommend that all SME’s as well as large corporate houses have a FGI policy.

Money Insurance

As William S Maugham put it “Money is like the 6th sense. You cannot make use of the other five without it!”. Money fuels every activity in a commercial organization and is important that monetary resources are guarded with care.

More often than not, money is stashed in large amounts in our office safes and is also in transit daily, weekly or otherwise to banks and other important destinations. The risk exposure for any commercial organization is too much to ignore and it will be undesirable, not to have sufficient precautionary measures in place.

Having a Money Insurance policy provides the required safety for the money in your office premises and during transit.

Group Medical Insurance

Your employees are the life and blood of your business. Their expertise and skills are what drives your business, and helps you achieve outstanding revenues. This in itself is reason enough for you to ensure that your team stays safe and protected at all times. While you are surely offering market competitive compensation, there is one more step that you can take to appreciate their efforts and to make them feel valued – by offering a comprehensive group medical insurance policy from a leading insurance provider in the UAE.

At ACA, we are dedicated to helping you ensure that your staff benefits from a premium group medical insurance policy from a trusted insurance company. Our team members are here to assist you in designing a policy that is tailored specifically to your individual and business needs.

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance A group life insurance policy, as the name implies, is taken for a group of individuals. It is a single insurance policy, obtained by employers and usually, fully paid for by employers. Sometimes there is a smaller component or share that the employee contributes too. The bigger chunk of the premium though, is usually contributed by the employer. Your employer will remain the owner of this policy. A group life policy will be in force till your employment contract is terminated. A well tailored and beneficial group life policy also serves as a tool that motivates employees to work longer for an organization and be more productive.

Motor Fleet Insurance

ACA offers you comprehensive insurance coverage and motor fleet insurance services and solutions in the UAE. If you have a motor fleet and are looking to get a value for money motor fleet insurance quote from trustworthy vehicle insurance companies in the UAE and Dubai, just call us on +971524881786, or send us an email at Info@advancesystem.net, with the following details:

Total number of vehicles (cars, buses, and delivery vans separately grouped) with their individual values, year of manufacture, the amount of premium paid last year and the claim details if any, and one of our executives will get back to you with an indicative motor fleet insurance quote.